Contributions, counterpoints & places

for 3 winds/brass, 3 strings, coding (sine waves), and 5-6 performers (actions)


39 minutes

Commissioned by Yan Jun and the Marinate Fish Impro Committee Beijing.
World Premiere 7th of September, 2018. With Robin Hayward, tuba; Andrea Neumann, actions; Takako Suzuki, actions; and the Marinate Fish Impro Committee Beijing: Zhu Wenbo, clarinet; Li Qing, trumpet; Ake, erhu; Yan Yulong, cello; Huang Ran, coding; Zhao Cong, actions; Li Weisi, actions; Yan Jun, actions. Directed by Christian Kesten.
Festival musiklos 2, curated by Yan Jun, Goethe Institute Beijing.

Christian Kesten - Contributions, counterpoints and places - musiklos 2, beijing from Sub Jam on Vimeo.