Language composition for 5-6 voices (in a driving train, live or on tape), based on the concrete poetry of a dictionary.


integrated in the collective compostions Reisende in Richtung… (1996) and Voyage puré (2002)

This composition consists only in spoken language. It translates the concrete poetry of a dictionnary into a dense sound texture, which might bring the listener into a condition similar to one experienced while driving or riding in a train.
The piece was originally realized as a sound installation for a city train going through Berlin. In a live version the vocalists are positioned around the audience for spatial sound effects.

Christine Hohmeyer, Christian Kesten, Adrian Koye, Peter vom Stein, Andreas Wild - voices
Recording: Wolfgang Vieweg, studios of HdK (heute UdK) Berlin; Mix: P.v.Stein

Live performances (Maulwerker):
September 16, 2006, Symposion "music, perception and language", KKL Lucerne, Switzerland
January 29, 2007, Musikhochschule Wurzburg
November 23, 2007, Nationaltheater Mannheim, visible music: maulwerker performing maulwerker
May 4, 2008, Festival moments musicaux Aarau, Switzerland
August 16, 2008, Pergamon-Museum Berlin, exhibition BABYLON. Myth and Truth, Babel Lounge, Maulwerker: speaking in tongues