elevator event [LIFT 2]


The work LIFT, developed in 2005 for the Museum of Modern Art MUMOK in Vienna, Austria was adapted and realized with five performers in Los Angeles. The three transparent elevators at Bamboo Plaza in Chinatown connect shopping malls with parking decks. The third elevator was blocked on the day of the performance due to an accident on the day before and the resulting chinese superstition. A site-specific and spatial composition, working with vertically moving sounds and visual actions. A temporary sculpture.

with Eric KM Clark (violine & actions)
Adam Overton (voice & actions)
Brooke Smiley (voice & actions)
Laura Steenberge (voice, double bass & actions)
Douglas Wadle (trombone & actions).

November 23, 2008
Bamboo Plaza, Chinatown | 988 N Hill St | Los Angeles