A collection of pieces
for 5-8 vocalists,
optionally extended by a choir of any size and audience


THE MEGAPHONE was commissioned by the Dresden vocal ensemble AuditivVokal (director: Olaf Katzer, dramaturgy: Peter Motzkus) for their concert program "Vox Populi?!". World Premiere at the 3rd choir festival "Meißen klingt nach…Demokratie [Meißen sounds like…democracy]", 9 Sep, 2017; further performance at the Dortmund choir fair, 15 Sep, 2017.

THE MEGAPHONE is based on an instrument of the Occupy Movement, which became known as the „human microphone“ or "the people's microphone": even without microphone or electricity an individual is able to talk to a larger group, when the surrounding people repeat his*her speech as a choir. In these pieces, individuals—from the vocal ensemble, the choir or the audience—have the opportunity to transmit their messages. This VOICE OF THE INDIVIDUAL is translated into sound by the AMPLIFIERS and find RESONANCE in the choir groups. For the translation into sound there are a series of rules and choice options. All participants contribute responsibly to the piece in the moment of its performance.

The pieces 1-3—The Swarm, Human Loudspeaker, Moving Loudspeaker—can function as pre-exercises or workshop material. They are nonetheless autonomous works.
The chamber version (4) can precede the choir version (5) due to a better comprehensibility.

Der Schwarm [The Swarm]

Human Loudspeaker

Moving Loudspeaker

Das Megaphon. Kammerversion [The Megaphone. Chamber Version]

Das Megaphon. Chorversion [The Megaphone. Choir Version]