(o.T.) für klarinette (in A) in einem raum mit langem nachhall

(untitled) for clarinet (in A) in a space with a long reverberation time

Berlin, July 1999

WP Winfried Rager, Zionskirche (church), Berlin, 1999

Duration: 10‘30
SCORE available on request!

The piece works with eighth tone variants around f#3, f4 and g5.
The acoustics in the performance space should be able to produce for the pppp-tones fine, for the f-attacks clear beatings, which remain in the space for some seconds.
Thus you get a duo with the own reverberation.

Through the crescendo (dal niente (out of nothing)) in minute 10 the space should fill slowly with sound, thus the source of sound should become not to localize. Even at the peak of the crescendo the sound source should be covered by the sound which has filled the space.

The microtonal variants should be produced through finger positions; the resulting changes in sound color are intended.