Christian Kesten

på studieförbundet

for two male voices and a speaking bongoist


This piece translates the concrete poetry of a dialogue from a swedish textbook into a microtonally vibrating chant.

WP of the new version
October 6th, 2006
maulwerker performing music 2006

TESLA im Podewils'schen Palais

Die Maulwerker
Benedikt Bindewald (guest), voice
Henrik Kairies, voice, bongos
Christian Kesten, voice

further performances:
November 23, 2007, visible music. maulwerker performing maulwerker, Nationaltheater Mannheim (Henrik Kairies - speaking bongoist; Michael Hirsch, Christian Kesten - voices)
May 4, 2008, moments musicaux Aarau, Switzerland (Henrik Kairies - speaking bongoist; Tilmann Walzer, Christian Kesten - voices)
August 16, 2008, Maulwerker: speaking in tongues, Babel Lounge, Pergamon Museum Berlin, exhibition BABYLON. Myth and Truth