urban café restroom

for video and voice

1 min

urban café restroom is a piece for video and voice. it is made out of a "video audio field recording" shot on a sunday afternoon in the restroom of urban café in santa monica while a nice sing-along was going on. this piece is dedicated to my friend, the video and performance artist steffi weismann. the video material is structured in five segments which relate to the letters STEFFI and i sing e flat (in german es = S), make the sound of a "t", sing the pitch e, two f's and a final ee(=I)-sound, so her name is woven into the piece. the song played outside was in f major, so my voice gradually melts with the song. The restroom's ventilator also seems to sing in f-major.

urban café restroom

Live performances (video and voice):
June 25, 2007, Labor Sonor, Berlin
June 27, 2007, Engelbrot, Berlin
March 1, 2008, The Red Room, Baltimore
March 12, 2008, Perte de Signal, Montréal
March 14, 2008, Experimental Intermedia, New York
March 21, 2008, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston
March 24, 2008, Fotòfono, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
January 23, 2009, loop-line, Shibuya, Tokyo