March 29STIEBLER 90_1

Concert to celebrate Ernstalbrecht Stiebler's 90th birthday
a.o. Ea Stiebler, piano & Christian Kesten, voice

29 March, 2024
Acker Stadt Palast
Ackerstr. 160/170 | 10115 Berlin


maulwerker performing music

Maulwerker, the ensemble for experimental vocal music and composer-performer collective, are known as pioneers in exploring the performativity of music. Rooted in the spirit of John Cage and their founder Dieter Schnebel, they collaborated with Fluxus artists Alison Knowles, Ben Patterson and Emmett Williams and a huge variety of contemporary composers: Antonia Baehr, Alessandro Bosetti, Arturas Bumšteinas, Cathy van Eck, Cenk Ergün, Sabine Ercklentz, Neo Hülcker, Mazen Kerbaj, Makiko Nishikaze, Annette Schmucki, Ute Wassermann a.m.o.
In this lecture, they will introduce their work along the categories Space, Body, Listening, Voice, Materiality of Sound, and more, presenting video excerpts and some live performances.

Language: english

9. April 2024 | 16:00
Campus Musik-Akademie Basel

Hochschule für Musik FHNW Klassik
Grosser Saal | Leonhardstr. 6 | 4051 Basel



Precisely composed or organised by systems of rules, this programme focuses on the translation of language into space and combines acoustic and tactile perception. Granules or ciphers, textures, interjections, poetic sound shifts, singsong or rumour-mongering, French or German: the performers' voices, movements and gestures create a spatial puzzle that establishes relationships between words, sound and silence and allows the audience to participate in this process. At the centre of the evening is the Maulwerker's new collaboration with Basel-based composer Abril Padilla.

Abril Padilla Point de départ – for feet, lips and hands in space (2024, world premiere)
funded by a commission from Fachausschuss Musik Basel (BS/BL)
Annette Schmucki Aber das Ackerlied – for voices (2022, world premiere)
Christian Kesten Über die Lebensweise der Guam-Flughunde ist weiterhin nichts bekannt. – for 5 voices, hands/arms, feet (2017/version 2024)
Steffi Weismann Chiffre 02 – for 4 voices, objects and projection (2024, world premiere)
Alessandro Bosetti The Pool and the Soup – (2006) version for 6 voices

with Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski, Steffi Weismann und Abril Padilla

Fr/Sa 12./13. April 2024 | 19:00 | KASKO
Werkraum Warteck pp, Burgweg 15, 4058 Basel
Entry 8-25 CHF (pay what you can)

May 12STIEBLER 90_2

Concert to celebrate Ernstalbrecht Stiebler's 90th birthday
a.o. Ea Stiebler, piano & Christian Kesten, voice

Theater im Delphi
Gustav-Adolf-Str. 2 | 13086 Berlin

[Big Water Tank]

Ariane Jessulat Rondeau for 6 voices (2024/premiere) | Adrian Mocanu madrigali guerrieri. Book 1 (2024/premiere) | Christian Kesten Fünf Ringe (2021/2024) | Henrik Kairies Luft- und Wasserstücke (version 2024) | Cornelius Cardew The Great Learning §7 (1971) Excerpt

Sunday, June 9, 2024
Großer Wasserspeicher
Belforter Straße | 10405 Berlin