kammer | chamber

music for a room

kammer | chamber is a compostion for the chamber hall at UdK (University of Arts) and its particular architectonical situation. A saxophone and two pianos are inside the hall, other instruments and performers are on the move outside the hall through the whole building. Sound and space relations are created between in- and outside.
A piece beween music, theatre and sculpture, which examines the acoustic perception of space, the temporality of space, time perception, the experience of the (own) body in space.


Meriel Price, alto saxophone
Theresa Patzschke, flute
Markus Wenninger, clarinet
Hsuan Huang, violin, actions
Friederike Meese, actions
Ulrike Ruf/ Johnny Chang, actions
Laura Mello, piano
Christian Kesten, piano

Stage/ space design: Friederike Meese
Composition/ direction: Christian Kesten

49 min

Saturday, July 19 - 7pm and 9 pm
Sunday, July 20 - 11am and 3pm

UdK [Universitaet der Kuenste] Berlin, Kammersaal
Fasanenstrasse 1b
U & S Zoologischer Garten

The gaze labyrinth by Friederike Meese

Photos: Friederike Meese