SCORES available on request!
2024Fünf Ringe [Five Rings]
for six voices
Adaptation of Sieben Höfe [Seven Courtyards]
World Premiere 09 June, 2024, Maulwerker ORTE+RÄUME #5, Grosser Wasserspeicher [former Water Tank] Belforter Strasse, Berlin
for voice and files
World Premiere 25 May, 2024, christian kesten solo, ausland, Berlin
2023weiter ohne strom
for radio anja "Hörspiel-Hacking"
Instagram radio_anja
2023ich höre ihr zu
for radio anja "Hörspiel-Hacking"
Instagram radio_anja
2023Vor Ort [On Site]
An Interpenetration of the Inside and the Outside.
Ear Piece. Every Sunday. ding ding.
for voice, amplified table, objects
02.07.2023, Satellit, Berlin
2023Inside Out. Uncoloured.
The Valencia Solo
Voice, Body, Objects
19.05.2023, Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporánea, Sala Refectorio | Valencia, Spain
Invited by Diàleg Obert
2022Who Am I
Opera for five voices. Installation
5 video screens, 5-channel sound, 40' / loop
UA MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues, March 18-25, 2022, Gropius Bau Berlin
for seven voices
15' or longer
World Premiere Maulwerker, ORTE & RÄUME #2, Sarottihöfe Berlin
for clarinet, accordion, pocket trumpet, viola, snare drum/voice
Variable duration / 40 min
World Premiere at Festival LABOR SONOR : TRANSLATING SPACES, St. Elisabethkirche & Villa Elisabeth, 28 & 29 August, 2021
text score
for mumei TEN: residues. a mailart project with seven scores sent to people all over the world
2021Heartfield III. John H. flips through his address book and listens meanwhile to his records.
Live version for solo voice, objects on amplified table, and four-channel sound montage
World Premiere John-Heartfield-Haus, Waldsieversdorf, 19 June, 2021
2021ding ding
for amplified table, objects, and voice
Premiered on 23 May, 2021 at READY MAKING #3. Sonic Affordances, Errant Sound project space Berlin, live-stream via internet.
2020na anja 3
für radio anja. A project by blablabor
Online since 23 November, 2020
2020na anja 2
für radio anja. A project by blablabor
Online since 21 November, 2020
2020na anja 1
für radio anja. A project by blablabor
Online since 19 November, 2020
2020Heartfield III. John H. flips through his address book and listens meanwhile to his records.
Four-channel sound montage
World Premiere Akademie der Künste Berlin, 14 October, 2020
for Matthias Rebstock to his 50th birthday
for voice and piano
beginning of a study on opera in the 21st century
on a text by Georges Perec from Träume von Räumen [orig. Espèces d'espaces, en. Species of Spaces and Other Pieces]
für 6 Stimmen mit Instrumenten
Maulwerker ORTE & RÄUME #1. Acud Innenhof.
Odd Wednesday. ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin, 19. August 2020
2020MAULWERKER KOLLEKTIV feat. Fernanda Farah
Simultane Soli a.k.a. site specific piece
A simultaneity of solos, each performer has written for her-/himself. Featuring Fernanda Farah Coca Cola Vanilla; Ariane Jessulat Gibbons und Menschen singen gleich; Henrik Kairies ei hat howoll war; Christian Kesten Andachtsjodler 2 / Das alte Haus / Fick mit mir (excerpt); Steffi Weismann Untitled Titel; Tilmann Walzer Untitled
Maulwerker ORTE & RÄUME [PLACES & SPACES] #1. Acud Innenhof.
Odd Wednesday. ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin, 19 August, 2020
2020Vitsvit. Remote Duo.
with Athena Farrokhzad
Weltklang – Night of Poetry
poesiefestival berlin, 5 June, 2020
2019/20Heartfield I & II
A sound montage in two parts. On John Heartfield's address book
for voice, objects and multi-channel fixed audio files
11' (6' + 5')
2020miji symphony
for private performance
For miji concert series Beijing
2019Mir ist so wunderbar
[A Feeling Never Known]

A musical game
for choir (SATB) and 3 instruments (tp, hn, tb)
12' or longer
Commissioned by Chorakademie am Konzerthaus Dortmund for Beethoven – enChor in the frame of BTHVN2020
2018Contributions, counterpoints & places
for 3 winds/brass, 3 strings, coding (computer) and 5-6 performers
World Premiere 7 September, 2018 by Robin Hayward, Andrea Neumann, Takako Suzuki, Christian Kesten and ensemble Marinate Fish Impro Committee Beijing, Festival musiklos, Goethe Institute Beijing
2018Untitled #20
for choir (5 groups)
Premiere 12 May, 2018, maulwerker performing music VOKALE RÄUME [VOCAL SPACES], Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
2017Über die Lebensweise der Guam-Flughunde ist weiterhin nichts bekannt. [Still nothing is known about the Guam flying foxes way of living.]
for 5 voices, hands/arms, feet (5 performers)
WP MAULWERKER Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Katarina Rasinski, Tilmann Walzer, Steffi Weismann. maulwerker performing music AUGENLIEDER, Ballhaus Ost Berlin, October 7, 2017
A collection of pieces
for 5-8 vocalists
optionally extended by a choir of any size and audience
Premiere 9 September, 2017, AuditivVokal Dresden, "Vox populi?!", 3rd choir festival Meißen, Germany
2017Schlüssel. Magnet. [Key. Magnet.]
for voice, hands, feet
Premiere Christian Kesten, Kunsthaus der Achim Freyer Stiftung, Berlin, 9 April, 2017
201713x4 Anagramme auf AM ANFANG WAR DAS WORT AM (Timm Ulrichs)
for solo voice
Premiere Christian Kesten, Kunsthaus der Achim Freyer Stiftung, Berlin, April 9, 2017
2017Der Strich durch die Rechnung
for solo voice
Premiere Christian Kesten, Kunsthaus der Achim Freyer Stiftung, Berlin, April 9, 2017
2016untitled #2 (bread and butter)
for violine (with voice) and clarinet
World Premiere Biliana Voutchkova (violin/voice) and Michael Thieke (clarinet), Micro Worlds, Goethe-Institute Boston, USA, 11 December 2016.
2016die schwester [the sister]
short opera on a theatre text by Gerhard Rühm
for 5 voices, objects, amplified table, tape
World Premiere MAULWERKER (Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Katarina Rasinski, Tilmann Walzer, Steffi Weismann), KONTRAKLANG, Heimathafen Neukölln, November 10, 2016
2016[untitled #6]
for 2 voices (soprano, baritone) and 4 strings (vla, vla, vcl, cb)
World Premiere KONZERT MINIMAL (Johnny Chang, vla; Catherine Lamb, vla; Derek Shirley, vcl; Mike Majkowski, cb; Irene Kurka, soprano; Christian Kesten, voice), October 1, 2016, Sophienkirche Berlin
concerto per tre sciacquoni, un'onda sinusoidale e film. 3:53
[flush. concert for three toilet flushes, one sine tone and film]
Recorded, filmed and edited at Civitella Ranieri
World Premiere Civitella Ranieri, 2016
2016discriminating anger
for Free Radio Santa Cruz
A remix of an interview by John Malkin with Palden Gyatso
Sound file for the CD '20 Years Free Radio Santa Cruz'
Live version for 2 sound files, objects, bird call and piano [two players]
2016Kanon [Canon]
for three voices and one or more solo voices
on a prose text by Rainer Maria Rilke
for reeds, electronics, electric guitar, electric bass, drum set
World Premiere Circle Line Project: Theo Nabicht – sax/cl, Mario Verandi – electr, Seth Josel – e-git, John Eckhardt – e-bs, Eric Schäfer – dr, 6 December, 2015, ausland, Berlin
2015Andachtsjodler 2
for voice (baritone) and snare drum
World Premiere 14 February 2015, bachelor concert
of bass-baritone Philipp Mayer, Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler", Berlin
2014uncoloured (seven songs)
for solo voice
World Premiere October 13, 2014, Kammer Klang, Café Oto, London
2014_____ ortungen [_____ position findings]
Adaptation of verortungen [localisations]
solo voice in space
World Premiere June 19, 2014 under the title
heizhaus ortungen [heizhaus position findings],
'Musical Thursdays', Festival MYKORRHIZA,
Uferstudios (Heizhaus) Berlin
2014Alexanderplatz lesen [Reading Alexanderplatz]
for two voices and sound file
in collaboration with Athena Farrokhzad
texts from Farrokhzad's Vitsvit [White Blight] in swedish, german, arabic, persian, danish, spanish; english translation projected. Premiered at Festival "Alter Schwede! 2", ausland berlin, April 27, 2014.
2014[untitled (solo for accordion)]
ca. 18'
World Premiere Jonas Kocher, 4 April, 2014, Les Rendez-Vous Contemporains de Saint-Merry, Paris
2013Texturen [textures]
for speaking quintet (any instruments)
ca. 15'
World Premiere Ensemble XENON [metal objects, soprano, soprano saxophone, violin, viola], 10 November 2013, Berlin
2013verortungen [localisations]
for solo voice
World Premiere 25 October 2013, zoom in Festival, Berner Münster, Switzerland
2013[Contribution No. 17]
for about 5 performers
WP Ensemble XENON, 8 September 2013, Berlin
2013Contribution No. 9
for 5 performers
For ensemble MAULWERKER
2013der raum dazwischen. duett für einen singenden flötisten [the space in-between. duet for a singing flutist]
for glissando flute
ca. 12'
WP Erik Drescher, 12 July, 2013, Berlin.
published by Verlag Neue Musik Berlin
2013Gedanken über weite Entfernungen. Eine Kontaktaufnahme [One's Mind at Great Distances. Getting in touch]
Composed Theatre. In collaboration with Anne Hirth/büro für zeit+raum and the five performers Ivan Fatjo Chaves, Ariel Garcia, Gregor Henze, Gregory Stauffer, Irena Tomazin. Stage & costume design: Alexandra Süßmilch. Light design: Arnaud Poumarat.
22-25 June, 2013, Kleines Schauspielhaus Wuppertal
2013Linien [Lines]
for any 3 suitable, sliding instruments
Version for trumpet, violin, synthesizer [realisation Ariel Garcia, Gregor Henze, Christian Kesten] in extracts part of Gedanken über weite Entfernungen.
open duration (about 12' complete version)
22-25 June, 2013, Kleines Schauspielhaus Wuppertal. Ariel Garcia, tp/syn, Gregor Henze, vl.
for children's choir
WP June 1, 2013, monastery Mariensee
for 3 performers
open duration (30'-60' or more)
2013F23M-12: Field with Figures No. 1-4
for voice and electronics & guitar
co-composed with Mark Trayle
No. 1 10:18, No. 2 16:45, No. 3 6:49, No. 4 5:05
released on The Berlin Series no.2, another timbre 2014.
2012innen. außen. nichts dazwischen.
[inside. outside. nothing in-between.]

for voice, hands, video and audio fieldrecordings
WP Nov 30, 2012, quiet cue #104, Berlin
2012LOT [2005|2012]
for violin, clarinet, accordion, voice, field recording
WP Nov 27, 2012, Johnny Chang vl, Michael Thieke cl, Hannes Lingens acc, Christian Kesten voc & fld rec,
Galerie parterre Berlin
2012Every Sunday
for voice and field recordings
after a poem by Fortner Anderson
(Live version of Every Sunday. Remix)
WP 18 Oct 2012, STIMMEN DER ZEIT [Contemporary Voices], International Sound Art Festival Berlin
2012Untitled #13 (Zero Time)
6 vl, 3 vla, 3 vcl, 1 cb
open duration (70')
WP Oct 6, 2012, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop,
ZERO TIME, Radialsystem V, Berlin
2012Inside Out
for 1 performer
World Premiere Oct 6, 2012,
Hannah Walter/ Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop,
ZERO TIME, Radialsystem V, Berlin
2012Zahnbürsten 22 [Toothbrushes 22]
for contrabass with preparations
WP Oct 6, 2012, Simon Hartmann/ Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, ZERO TIME, Radialsystem V, Berlin
2012Variationen für Kontrabass
[Variations for double bass]

for contrabass with preparations
open duration (30')
WP Oct 6, 2012, Simon Hartmann/ Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, ZERO TIME; Radialsystem V, Berlin
2012One for Violin [Viola Cello Contrabass] Bow
(for Paik)

for soloist and small string orchestra
ca. 4'
WP Oct 6, 2012, Michael Rauter und Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, ZERO TIME, Radialsystem V, Berlin
2012G is for Guam Flying Fox (Pteropus tokudae)
Über die Lebensweise des Guam-Flughunds ist nichts bekannt.

for voice, hands/arms, feet
for Henry Wilt (Antonia Baehr)
World Premiere November 11, 2012
Abecedarium Bestiarium Salon III
ausland berlin
2012Untitled #5
for 5 voices
World Premiere 8 July, 2012, MAULWERKER (Michael Hirsch, Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Katarina Rasinski, Steffi Weismann; conductor: Christian Kesten),
XX. RANDFESTSPIELE, St. Annen-Kirche Zepernick.
© 2021. The non-commercial use of this work or its recording is licensed under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license. The commercial use is subject to GEMA.
2012crossing the punch line
for 4 voices, objects, trumpet, guitar
Collective composition by MAULWERKER (Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Steffi Weismann) (with the use of material by Michael Hirsch).
WP 1 June 2012, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art / DE PLAYER / Operadagen Rotterdam.
2011untitled (placing in space)
for violin, soprano saxophone and accordion
World Premiere October 7, 2011, Festival Mikroton, Dampfzentrale Bern
2011Every Sunday. Remix
Remix of a poem by Fortner Anderson
2011Untitled #11
for baritone saxophone and bassoon
new version: 16'
Premiered at BKA Unerhörte Musik, Berlin, Jan 25, 2011
Tangible Bathtub: Meriel Price, sax; Heidi Mockert, bassoon
2010des champs sans noms
[fields without names]
for clarinet, clarinette/bass clarinet, pocket trumpet/banjo/electronics, accordeon, percussion, turntable/violin, contrabass/walkie-talkies
Ensemble "Rue du Nord"
Théâtre 2.21, Lausanne, Switzerland
WP october 29, 2010
2010feld 037 grundlos
three voices, four speakers
WP maulwerker performing music SPEAKERS
Villa Elisabeth, September 23, 2010
spatial music for a station
for soprano, alto, tenor saxophone, bassoon
ca. 80'
ohrenstrand mobil. Berlin-Hauptbahnhof
WP August,30, 2010
2010untitled (a few drips and splatters and an occasional pencil line)
co-composed with Lucio Capece
for bass clarinet, cocktail shaker, holding fan and voice, flower shower, water, glass
excerpt released on the CD 'echtzeitmusik berlin', mikroton cd 15, 2012.
2010for johnny chang
microscore for violin solo
WP Johnny Chang, March 29, 2010, labor sonor, Berlin
2010title pending
for video/audio fieldrecordings, vocal sounds, objects
World Premiere 25. Feb. 2010, Arraymusic, Toronto
revised version title (still) pending
April 17, 2012, Kämmer-Klang #28, Café Oto, London | Dec 11, 2011, sonic slacker entertainment #15, Valentinstüberl, Berlin | Dec 11, 2010, Galerie Hunchentoot, Berlin
2009nichts weiter
for harp, voice (soprano), 2 percussionists: snare drum and bass drum (or snare drum).
Commission by Ensemble CERCLES. WP December 18, 2009, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.
2009ear piece
for 1 performer and audience
WP July 20, 2009, Labor Sonor, Berlin
2009o.T. (noch ein feld)
untitled (another field)

for trumpet, bass clarinet, innenklavier, voice and door
WP July 20, 2009, Labor Sonor, Berlin
2009wüste wüste [desert desert]
Multiperspective exploration of Boris Vian's Fall in Beijing
Music theatre
World Premiere March 12, 2009, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
antenne pernot
Prize winner of operare08
2008untitled (yet)
for trio at one table: toy melodica, object, voice; trumpet, object; voice, object.
For trio dishk. WP Dec 29, 2008, Labor Sonor, KuLe, Berlin.
2008elevator event [LIFT 2]
for 5 performers (voices, violin, trombone, double bass, actions) in 2 elevators
30' to some hours
Bamboo Plaza, Chinatown, Los Angeles
WP November 23, 2008
2008kammer | chamber. Music for a room
for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, violin, actions and two pianos
WP July 19, 2008, chamber music hall, UdK University of Arts Berlin
for 5 portable instruments (violin, viola, clarinet, trumpet, trombone) and 5 speaking vocalists
WP March 28th, 2008, Ensemble Object Collection, Ontological-Hysteric Theatre, New York
for sextet: viola, guitar/electronics, saxophone, voice, electric guitar, trombone | based on: zonder titel (schuif en ruis), dodger stadium, cypress park, zunge lösen (releasing the tongue), på studieförbundet
ca. 35'
WP Ensemble Object Collection, Ontological-Hysteric Theatre, New York
2008LACHEN 1 | 2 | 3 [LAUGHTER 1 | 2 | 3]
three pieces for the laughter of Antonia Baehr |
WP February 29th, 2008, Antonia Baehr at ausland berlin
2007stille post
an instruction
for any amount of musicians
WP June 21st, 2007, 8pm, Ensemble Zwischentöne and musicians from the Soldiner neighborhood Berlin-Wedding, Bar Art, Prinzenallee 38, 13359 Berlin, Germany
2007zonder titel (schuif en ruis)
for viola, trombone, electric guitar, voice, soprano saxophone, no-input mixer |
WP May 25, 2007, Q-O2 werkhuis, Brussels, Belgium |
performed by Julia Eckhardt, Radu Malfatti, Taku Sugimoto, Christian Kesten, Lucio Capece, Toshimaru Nakamura
2007urban cafe restroom
for video audio field recording and voice
(to the 40th birthday of Steffi Weismann)
2007dodger stadium
for video/audio field recording, violin (or any strings), harmonium (or (bass) clarinet), voice (or trombone) and hands (or glass on table) |
UA April 17, 2007, privatpublikum | SANTA YNEZ HOUSE FINAL, Echo Park, Los Angeles, USA | performed by Johnny Chang, Tashi Wada, Mark So and Christian Kesten
2007the Los Angeles catalogue
for video/audio field recording, prep. e-guitar, voice and two pianos |
WP April 14, 2007, ROD concert hall, CalArts, Valencia, CA, USA | performed by Michael Pisaro, Tashi Wada, Mark So and Christian Kesten
2007cypress park
for field recording (video/audio), guitar, voice and one activity
WP April 14, 2007, ROD concert hall, CalArts, Valencia, CA, USA | performed by Michael Pisaro, Christian Kesten and Mark So
with Lucio Capece
for soprano saxophone, bassclarinet, voice and things |
WP Dec 4, 2006 at labor sonor, Kule, Auguststr.10, Berlin-Mitte
2006Hands put together for praying
composition for silent film
camera: Johannes Kesten, editing: Christian Kesten
WP h7-club at Blinzelbar, Hamburg, Nov 9, 2006; further performance: Fotòfono, Brooklyn, NY, March 24, 2008
200645 seconds for voice and other things | WP fett6. Raum für Kunst, Hamburg, Nov 8, 2006.
2006på studieförbundet 2000/2006
for two male voices and a speaking bongoist | WP of the new version: October 6th, 2006, maulwerker performing music: translationen, TESLA im Podewils'schen Palais, Berlin | Die Maulwerker
2005Sch! Nebelfeld A revision. | for accordeon, flute, marimbaphone, piano, vibraphone, violin, violoncello, voices | Ensemble Zwischentöne | UA 5.November 2005 | Ballhaus Naunynstraße | Klangwerkstatt Berlin
2005o.T. (atem, zunge, lippen)
[untitled (breath tongue lips)]

for voice solo | WP October 21st, 2005, Gallery complice, Berlin-Friedrichshain | WP of the 31:30-min-version: April 16, 2007, California Institute of the Arts, USA
for 4 performers (voices, trumpet, saxophone, actions) in 3 elevators in the museum for modern art MUMOK Vienna | Die Maulwerker | WP october 13th, 2005 | MUMOK Vienna, Austria
Visual space installation by Freda Heyden | acoustical space installation - for voices, violin, prepared electrical guitar, bass xylophone, percussion, steps - by Christian Kesten and Babette Schwahlen | April 8th and 10th, studio of Freda Heyden, Berlin.
2005"Art is something you can trust." (Emmett)
Variation on Emmett Williams's "Song Of Uncertain Length", dedicated to his 80th birthday, April 8th 2005, Freie Kunst-Akademie Berlin-Kreuzberg.
2004unter umständen verabschieden wir uns behalten etwas in erinnerung was wesentlicher erscheint als das gegenwärtige fragen aber nicht mehr
[possibly we take leave keep remembering something which seems more essential than the present but don't ask anymore]

for water, paper, voice; tongue, breath, larynx; trumpet (trio)
WP Philipp-Melanchthon-Kirche, Berlin-Neukölln, December 2nd, 2004.
2004Axel Dörner/ Christian Kesten/ Makiko Nishikaze:
Trio für Trompete, Zwiebeln, präparierte E-Gitarre und Stimme
[Trio for trumpet, onions, prepared electric guitar and voice]

UA Philipp-Melanchthon-Kirche, Berlin-Neukölln, December 2nd, 2004
2003(o.T.) 1.2 für klarinette und CD
UA Winfried Rager, LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL, Kule-Theater Berlin, 5.12.2003.
2002/2003Voyage puré
Collective composition by DIE MAULWERKER for five voices and instruments. WP Festival "Randspiele" Zepernick 2002. New version's WP Ballhaus Naunynstraße Berlin September 2003.
2003 ja es ist plötzlich wärmer geworden
[yes it's suddenly got warmer]

music-theatre by Christian Kesten and Steffi Weismann
for 2 female voices, 2 male voices, soprano saxophone, trumpet, tuba, electronics and video.
July 11th-13th, 2003, Staatsbank Französische Straße Berlin
2002/1999zunge lösen [releasing the tongue] for tongue, larynx, breath. For 1 - any amount of performers.
2000[for clarinet] 1 - 6
2000(o.T.) für klarinette in einem raum mit langem nachhall 2
[(untitled) for clarinet in a space with a long reverberation time 2]
1999(o.T.) für klarinette in einem raum mit langem nachhall
[(untitled) for clarinet in a space with a long reverberation time]
1999Eintausend Engel über All [One Thousand Angels Over All]
Collective composition by DIE MAULWERKER for the radio production by Artus C. Caspari, director: Götz Naleppa, NDR 1999
1998fünf stimmen acht hände [five voices eight hands]
for 5 voices, 2 paper- and 2 plastic bags.
1998A song of so much so. Lipschitz 2
for three voices, kettle, tanpura, electric guitar, violoncello, accordion and drum-track.
for the group "Die Maulwerker" (4 female voices, trumpet/voice, clarinet/voice, alto saxophone + additional instruments).
1997bahnhof zoo [zoo station]
Spatial music for trumpet, trombone, alto and tenor saxophone at Zoo Station Berlin.
1997the ACT of boy groUPing!
Event. Boy group, song, flyer.
Berlin, 02/28/1997.
1996bahnhof westend
Spatial music for trumpet, trombone, alto and tenor saxophone at Westend Station Berlin.
1996Reisende in Richtung...
Language composition on tape in a driving train, collaboration with Christine Hohmeyer, Adrian Koye, Peter vom Stein and Andreas Wild.
1996willkommen zu hause [welcome home]
for 2 - 4 violins at Nordbahnhof Station Berlin.
1996nordbahnhof [north station]
Spatial music for trumpet, trombone, alto and tenor saxophone at Nordbahnhof Station Berlin.
1995FAHREN [to DRIVE | to RIDE | to GO]
Language composition for 5-6 voices (in a driving train, live or on tape).
1995schramme am himmel [scratch at the sky]
Collective composition by DIE MAULWERKER on poems and texts by Velimir Chlebnikov.
1995des Kleinen Übergewicht [the Preponderance of the Small]
for voice and things.
Theatre music for electric guitar, piano, rainmaker, larynx, radio, paper, voice, violin. (director: Dieter Bitterli) Berlin 1994
1994o.T. [without title] for guitar
Berlin 1994
A piece for any amount of participants (about 27).
February 28th, 1993, Berlin.
1991sub-. Musik für einen Keller [sub-. Music for a cellar] with Barbara Thun and Tilmann Walzer.
1991hinter der wand [behind the wall]. music for a theatre of the unforeseen for piano and additional instruments (director: Dieter Bitterli) Berlin 1991
1990Stück für Gießkanne und Stimme [Piece for watering-can and voice] with Jürgen Westhoff.
For zinc watering-can bowed with a metal stick and voice.
1990o.T. [without title] Performance with Karen Bartram, Gerlinde Frommherz, Michaela Müller, Jürgen Westhoff.
Collaboration during the stay at Ateliers in Alter Schlachthof Sigmaringen, symposion "Music and Visual Arts" 1990.
1990-cycling. one day when we first went walking we heard the sound of a drill and a bag was blowing along the ground for voice and things.
1990zahnbürsten 2 [tooth-brushes 2]
for electric guitar to be played with tooth-brushes.
1983/1990zahnbürsten [tooth-brushes]
for tooth-brusher/s.
1989( ) [empty space] performance with Frank Pieperhoff, Steffi Weismann a.o. (Freie Performance Klasse)
UA HdK Berlin West Tower 1989
1988The Agreeable People
streetperformance with Kim Kutner (Canada), Japan 1988
1987Reprise for rock ensemble (1 singer/acoustic guitar; 1 keyboarder at a mute keyboard; 1 teethbrushing drummer; four musicians who read simultaneously different texts while standing in and around the audience) | WP Band ohne Namen [Band Without Name], Berlin 1987.
1984aktion schrEI [scream/EGG action]
partly performed Berlin 1984
1984bag for sanitary pads
sound poem for 1 voice
version for trombone and voice by Volker Michael
premiere RIAS-Sendesaal Berlin December 1984
1983rote bete [beet-root]
for saxophone, violoncello and harp.