Christian Kesten

Sch! Nebelfeld

A revision.


An empty space, an open field. Fragments, islands of sounds, sound plains, surfaces of sounds, punctual sounds may occur. Starting from contemporary experiences, it gives the opportunity to listen in a new way to some works of the past - Dieter Schnebel's Körper-Sprache, Wols, René Magritte, Christian Boltanski, Atemzüge, 69 Klänge, Polyphonien (a piece of Vier Stücke), Ambivalenzen (an Invention) - by means of palimpsest-like writing upon, rubbing out, fragmentizing.

An attempt to free Schnebel's composer's thinking from linearity, not to disturb the moments of presence and let their silence unfold in timelessness. We come from nowhere and we go to nowhere.

Ensemble Zwischentöne

Hans-Ulrich Altenkirch, vibraphone
Benedikt Bindewald, violin, voice
Kurt König, marimbaphone
Susanne Paul, violoncello
Volker Schindel, accordeon, voice
Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer, voice
Dorothee Sporbeck, flute, piano
Helles Weber, piano

Christian Kesten, direction

Klangwerkstatt Berlin
Ballhaus Naunynstraße
November 5th, 2005