Spacing Places

for clarinet, accordion, pocket trumpet, viola, snare drum/voice


Variable duration / 40 min

World Premiere at FestivalLABOR SONOR : TRANSLATING SPACES, St. Elisabethkirche & Villa Elisabeth, 28 & 29 August, 2021

Ariel Garcia, pocket trumpet
Henrik Kairies, accordion
Yodfat Miron, viola
Seijiro Murayama, snare drum & voice
Michiko Ogawa, clarinet


Five instruments—five people playing instruments—within a space.

During the course of the piece they change positions, assuming different distances to each other, playing more distantly or closer together. Different constellations of sounds arise in the space, different sound architectures, the interplay of smaller and greater distances making the space acoustically perceivable for the listeners. The translation process of playing twice acoustically explores the wide, high space of the Elisabethkirche and the hall at the Villa Elisabeth and their differences. At the Elisabethkirche the audience is seated in front of the action, and at times the positions of the performers are far removed from the listeners. Thus the listeners experience the spatial sound primarily in depth, but also in panorama. At the hall of the Villa Elisabeth they are in the middle of the room, in the middle of the sound event. The sounds wander around the listeners. The changing positions are projected onto the Villa hall analogously to the church. The dimensions of the church mean that corresponding positions are located outside the hall, so that the instruments occasionally play from adjoining rooms and stairwells. The experience of the acoustic space expands beyond the existing architectural walls.

The instrumentalists can be experienced as physical individuals through the changes of position; they enter into ever different relationships with each other, telepathic, intimate, also into ever-changing relationships with the listeners. Actions such as walking, standing or sitting become part of the event. The body becomes an instrument. Hearing, listening, is the point of departure for all activities.