christian kesten

-cycling. _____________________



make a journey.

keep every bag – plastic or paper – you’ll get while buying something or at any other occasion. don’t ask for them, just keep those you’ll get normally.

take photos. as much as you want, from people you meet, places you see, anything.
take notes which reflect the process of taking photos.

take notes of events that happen to you. write them down as simple stories. try to use no adjectives. try to avoid valuations. just write things as they are, as they were, as they happened. the duration of the stories should not be more than one minute when told.

at the end of or after the journey, chose one sentence which expresses the quintessence, or the still unsolved riddle, of the journey for you. you might have written this sentence by yourself or it came to you through someone or something else.

chose another sentence to add to the title. so the title of the performance will be
„-cycling. ______“ plus your sentence.


after you get home, keep accumulating bags until you can fill a suitcase with them.

three. performance

all bags from the journey in a backpack (or similar) and pockets of your clothes.
all bags from your home place in a suitcase.
all your photos from the trip, printed on photo paper, at the bottom of your backpack.

performance area:
closed suitcase
you with your backpack

three. one
pull out bag by bag from your pockets, then your backpack. listen to their sounds. after sounding, place them each on a particular place on the floor. paper bags might be able to stand, while others just fall down.
while doing this, tell your stories, one by one, long pauses in-between. tell the stories only up to a certain point – leave out the last one or two sentences.

three. two
when all bags from the backpack are on the floor, take the bunch of photos and walk rather slowly in a circle around the field of bags. let photo by photo fall onto the floor. in this way, create a circle of photos around the bag field.
as you let each photo fall, say one word, which was significant in the last story you have told.
between the repetitions of this word, say sentences chosen from your notes which reflect photographing. in this way, you create a „polyphony“ of two voices.

three. three
when all photos are on the floor, walk to the suitcase, open it. shovel with two arms all bags out of the suitcase and space them out onto the performance area, while telling all stories again in the complete version. listen to the sound of the bags while doing it.

three. four
leave the performance area while repeatedly speaking the quintessence or riddle sentence. say it rather to yourself, it doesn’t have necessarily to be overheard.

christian kesten 1990/2008.