ding ding

für amplifizierten Tisch, Dinge und Stimme



钉钉 (ding4 ding1) mandarin einen Nagel anbringen
叮叮 (ding1 ding1) mandarin, onomatopoetisch für den Klang eines kleinen Objekts
丁 (ding1) mandarin Population
丁丁 (ding1 ding1) mandarin, beliebter Spitzname
定定 (ding4 ding4) mandarin etwas stabilisieren; sich beruhigen

The woman was holding the door open for the woman with the stroller. I wasn't sure if she would hold it for me too, or if she would come out first. It turned out that she was holding the door from the inside, she was about to go into the store as well.

I had just put three gala apples in my basket when the woman who had held the door open asked me, "Do you know if there are any gala apples?" "These are gala apples,“ I told her, and just to make sure, I checked the label again and showed it to her.

It seemed there was only one way through the store to the cashier, so I had to walk behind the woman. She stepped aside. "Go ahead," she said.

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